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Mar 25, 2017.  Les Kistler steamrolled five opponents in a row to win the Double Blitz Swiss tourney at the South Bend Chess Club on Thursday, Mar. 24, 2017.  Each round consisted of two 5-minute games with the same opponent.  Les's 10-0 score was followed by Jeff Johnson, 8-2.  Roger Blaine was third with 6, primarily because tough contenders Aidan Kaczanowski and Chris Sayre both had to leave early.  Welcome back Cory Richards, who was a regular at the club about 20 years ago.

 1. LES KISTLER                 10
 2. Jeff Johnson                  8
 3. Roger Blaine                 6
4-6. Aidan Kaczanowski   5      (left after 4 rounds)
4-6. Chris Sayre                 5      (  "   "      "      " )
4-6. Mike Timmons          5
7-9. Cory Richards            4
7-9. Ron Plamowski          4
7-9. Jason Reinoehl          4
10. Ayden Kline                 3     (left after 3 rounds)
11. Sam Reinoehl              2
12. Harrison Sill                 0     (left after 3 rounds)

----> S.B.C.C. invites you Thursdays, 7-10 p.m. at the Meijer Store, 5020 Grape Rd.  We are in the coffee-break area past the Deli and Produce departments.  Organized tourney usually starts about 7:40.

----> Casual chess on Mondays, 6-8 p.m. at the Chicory Café, Jefferson at Michigan St. in downtown South Bend.  New Orleans-style food and a fun atmosphere.

Hoosiers at MOTCF --  In addition to our "Zot Strikes Again" team in the Midwest Open Team Chess Festival (MOTCF) in Dayton as we reported last week, there was the Indiana team called Element 56, featuring Masters and former State Champions Jim Mills and Lester VanMeter, both of Indianapolis;  Expert and former Chess in Indiana editor Jay Carr, Beech Grove;  and up-and-coming 1900 Bobby Goddin, Bloomington.  The powerful squad scored 3-2, crunching lower-rated teams and losing to the all-Master no. 1 team and a 75%-Master team.  Good work, gentlemen!
  By the way, we looked up Element no. 56 on the Periodic Table of Elements, and it seems to be Barium.

----> Elkhart, Dayton, and game, see below!


March 17, 2017.  Les Kistler dominated the proceedings at the South Bend Chess Club's 10-minute tourney on Thursday night, Mar. 16, 2017, running up a 7-0 score.  Aidan Kaczanowski was runner-up with 5.5, followed closely by Jeff Johnson with 5.  Welcome to first-time competitor Al Sikorski of South Bend.

1. LES KISTLER                 7

2. Aidan Kaczanowski    5.5

3. Jeff Johnson                5

4-5. Jason Reinoehl        3

4-5. Mike Timmons        3

6. Al Sikorski/Roger Blaine  2.5     (Al 0-3, "pinch hitter" Roger 2.5-1.5)

7. Stuart Krahn                2        (2-3, had to leave early)

8. Sam Reinoehl              0

----> S.B.C.C. invites you Thursdays, 7-10 p.m. at the Meijer Store, 5020 Grape Rd.  We are in the coffee-break area past the Deli and Produce departments.  Organized tourney usually starts about 7:40.

----> Casual chess on Mondays, 6-8 p.m. at the Chicory Café, Jefferson at Michigan St. in downtown South Bend.  New Orleans-style food and a fun atmosphere.

ELKHART COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS  --  report by Joe Riegsecker

 Hunter Gould, a Concord High School freshman, is the new Elkhart County Scholastic Chess Champion.  Hunter took the crown at last Saturday's (Mar. 11, 2017) Elkhart County Championships at Elkhart Central High School.  Hunter and Max Vinkemeir of Warsaw tied for 1-2 in the Championship section, but since Max lives and attends school outside of Elkhart County, he was not eligible for the title.  Hunter becomes the 20th person to hold the title in the last 31 years.  (see the list at )

 Subbu Muthiah of Warsaw swept the Novice section, besting 35 other entrants with his 6-0 score.

 In the adult portion of the event, Mat Leach went 4-0 to take clear first.  Stefani Vinkemeir created some waves with two big upsets in the first two rounds.  Even though she came back down to earth the last two rounds, it was a good day for her.

Complete results and links to USCF crosstables can be found at and

  HOOSIERS IN DAYTON--Our team "Zot Strikes Again" won 2.5 out of 5 matches in the Midwest Open Team Chess Festival (MOTCF) in Dayton, Ohio, on Mar. 11-12, 2017.  The even score in a field heavy with Master players won us the $1,000 prize for Best Team Under 1800.  Our average was 1796, with Josh Bousum (2042), John Roush (1800), both of Kokomo;  Dick Arnold (1700) of Indy, and Roger Blaine (1642), Mishawaka.

  We started out with a 2-2 tie against a strong Columbus, Ohio, team of 2 Masters and 2 Experts, with Dick and Roger pulling upsets.  Their team name, "Preparation H," was appropriate given all the action on the h-file in this cliffhanger of a game:

  Roger Blaine (1642) "Zot Strikes Again" - Murat Baughman (2055) "Preparation H"   MOTCF Rd. 1, Mar. 11, 2017    Bird's Opening 

1. f4  d5   2. Nf3  Bg4   3. e3  Nd7   4. Be2  c6   5. b3  Bxf3   6. Bxf3  e5   7. fxe  Nxe5   8. Bb2  Bd6   9. 0-0  Nf6   10. d3  Qe7    11. Qe2  0-0-0   12. Nd2  h5   13. e4  d4   14. Nc4  Nxc4   15. bxc4  Qe5   16. g3  h4   17. g4  Nh7   18. Bc1  Ng5   19. Bxg5  Qxg5   20. Bg2  h3   21. Bh1  Bf4   22. Bf3  Rde8   23. Kh1 Re5   24. Qf2  Rh4   25. Be2  Be3   26. Qxf7  Rxg4   27. Qf8+  Kc7   28. Bxg4  Qxg4   29. Rf7+  Kb6   30. Rxg7*  Qh5  31. Rb1+  Ka6   32. Rgxb7  Rb5   33. cxb5+  Kxb7   34. bxc6+  Kxc6   35. Qf6+  Kc7   36. Qe7+  Kc8   37. Qb7+  Kd8   38. Qb8+  Ke7   39. Rb7+  Kf6   40. Qf8+  Ke6   41. Qe7 mate,  1-0.  

*At first I thought that I had to keep the Black K in check every move or else I would get mated myself, for example  30. Rb1+ Ka6,  31. Qa3+ Ra5 and now I have no checks.  But then I noticed that Rxg7 stops the one mate while my Queen still on the f-file stops the other--a little room to breathe!


Warsaw, see below


25 January 2017.  Mat Leach scored 7 out of 8 to win the South Bend Chess Club's 5-minute Blitz tourney on Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017.  Three tied with 5 points:  Les KistlerMike Vidulich, and Roger Blaine.  (Les took over in the middle from Ayden Kline and won all 5 he played.)

1. MAT LEACH                 7

2-4. Les Kistler/Ayden Kline  5       (Ayden 0-3, Les 5-0)

2-4. Mike Vidulich          5

2-4. Roger Blaine            5

5. Aidan Kaczanowski    4.5

6-7. Sean Duffy               3

6-7. Justin Seng              3

8. Mike Timmons           2.5

9. Jason Reinoehl           1


SOUTH BEND CHESS CLUB invites you Thursdays, 7-10 p.m. at the Meijer store, 5020 Grape Rd., Mishawaka.  Usually we organized a timed tournament about 7:40 p.m.  Enjoy the ambience of the Produce department!

CHICORY CAFE, Jefferson at Michigan St., downtown South Bend, has a fun chess club Mondays, 6-8 p.m.  Great New Orleans style food & drink too!

----Additional congratulations to Mat Leach for winning the Open section of the Warsaw Winter tourney on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, with 3.5 out of 4.   Aidan Kaczanowski was the only one to hold Mat to a draw in a slam-bang thriller, and Aidan, Les Kistler, and John Gotz tied for second at 3-1.    Hunter Gould took top spot in the Under 1200 rated division with 4.5 out of 5.  

More sections too... complete results and links to the USCF crosstable are at
Congrats to all!

By Roger Blaine.

October 23, 2016.    Notre Dame student and chess Expert John LeightonJeff Hilliard of LaPorte, and Roger Blaine, Mishawaka, tied for first in the South Bend Chess Club's Quick Chess tourney on Thursday night, Oct. 20, 2016, all with 3-1 scores.  John handily dispatched Roger, and Mat Leach did the same to Jeff, but Mat and Harold Henderson both drew with John and tied for 4th at 2.5.   Sam Patrick pulled an upset of Leach, but then had to leave early.  We welcomed first-time contestant Ron Swank to the club.  Blaine directed the Swiss System.

Totals in tie-break order:

1. JOHN LEIGHTON          3

2. JEFF HILLIARD             3

3. ROGER BLAINE            3

4. Mat Leach                    2.5

5. Harold Henderson       2.5

6. Sam Patrick                   2    (played only 2)

7. Isaiah Rose                   2

8. Sean Duffy                  1.5

9. Jeremiah Rose           1.5

10. Stephen Housman      1

11. Noah Rose                  1

12. Ron Swank                  1

13. Jonathan Rose            0

---> S.B.C.C. Thursdays 7-10 p.m. at the Meijer store,, 5020 Grape Rd., Mishawaka.  Head for the Produce department, just past the Deli.  Usually a tournament starts about 7:40.

---->Chess fun Mondays, 6-9 p.m. at the Chicory Café, 105 E. Jefferson at Michigan St. in downtown South Bend!

9/17/2016 Northern Indiana Open Logansport 
By Roger Blaine
August 12, 2016.  Big-shot Master John Cole mopped up everyone in the South Bend Chess Club's 5-minute tourney on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016, a single round robin.  Mat Leach was second, and also directed the single round robin. 
  The crowd was nowhere near the size of the previous week's wing-ding, but the players were tough and we were surprised by the presence of Expert Gerry Roberts, who recently moved back to Elkhart after several years in Bloomington.  Welcome back, Gerry!
2 Mat Leach 6
3 Les Kistler 5
4 Gerry Roberts 4
 5-6 Eric Miller 2
5-6 Aidan Kaczanowski 2
7 Roger Blaine  1.5
8 Sean Duffy  0.5

--->  SBCC Thursdays, 7-10 p.m. at the Meijer store, 5020 Grape Rd., Mishawaka!  Come enjoy the ambience of the Produce department!
---->  Chicory Café chess for fun Mondays, 6-9 p.m. at Jefferson & Michigan St., downtown South Bend!


How about one more tournament before the summer is over? Please pass the word around!
Aug 20th ... Niles District Library, Niles, Mich.
10:00 Show Time ... End when done (three rounds) (usually around 1 PM)
USCF membership required ... Game in 45 Minutes ... Free as always!
Will break into sections based on ratings of players (usually U1000 and U1600 sections)
Martin Klubeck, MA

Product Management, Metrics and Measures for Improvement

Office of Information Technologies

200A ITC University of Notre Dame 
Notre Dame, IN 46556 

By Roger Blaine

June 10, 2016.  Les Kistler stomped everyone to make a perfect 5-0 in the South Bend Chess Club's 10-minute Quick tourney on Thursday, June 9, 2016.   Stuart Krahn was second with 3.5 in the 5-round Swiss System.  Both players nicked strongman Mat Leach, who tied for third.  
   Welcome to new competitors from the Rose family, father Jonathan and sons JeremiahNoah, and Isaiah.  Roger Blaine was director.

1. LES KISTLER               5
2. Stuart Krahn             3.5
3-6. Mat Leach              3
3-6. Kola Oyekole         3
3-6. Eric Miller              3
3-6. Noah Rose             3
7. Aidan Kaczanowski  2.5
8-10. Pete Markowski  2
8-10. Mike Day              2
8-10. Jonathan Rose     2
11. Jeremiah Rose         1
12-13. Isaiah Rose         1
12-13. Roger Blaine       0  (played only 1)

---->  Club championship coming July 16!    South Bend Regional Chess Club championship tourney has been set for Saturday, July 16, 2016, at Bethel United Methodist Church, 1200 N. Michigan St. in Elkhart.  (the date and location have been changed, so it will not be Sunday, July 17 at the Matterhorn Restaurant as you may have heard previously)
  More details coming in our next message...!

----> S.B.C.C. for chess fun and free tournament every Thursday, 7-10 p.m. at the Meijer store, 5020 Grape Rd., Mishawaka.

----> Fun chess at the Chicory Café, every Monday, 6-9 p.m. Jefferson & Michigan St. in downtown South Bend.  Some games played, weather permitting, on the giant set with built-in chessboard across the street in Studebaker Plaza.
---   ---   ---

   Yours truly (Roger) played in the Gem City Open in Dayton, Ohio, June 3-5, beating 3 lower-rated players and losing to 2 higher-rated ones.  Didn’t prove much, perhaps, but the games were not dull.  Here is one which I fully expected to lose, but White’s dreaded attack petered out.


Gem City Open, Under 1800 section, Round 4, June 5, 2016

Skylar Garrett 1558, Columbus, OH – Roger Blaine, 1654, Mishawaka, IN

French Defense, Exchange Variation


1. e4  e6   2. d4  d5   3. exd  exd   4. Nf3  Bd6   5. Nc3  c6   6. Be3  Bg4   7. h3  Bh5   8. Bd3  Nf6   9. g4  Bg6   10. Nh4  Qc7   11. Nxg6  hxg6   12. Qe2  Kd8   13. 0-0-0  Nbd7   14. Qd2  Nf8   15. f4  Ne6   16. Rdf1  Kd7   17. f5  gxf   18. Bxf5  Rae8   19. Bxe6+  fxe6   20. g5  Nh5   21. Rf7+  Re7   22. Qf2  Ng3   23. Rh2  Nf5   24. Rxf5  exf5   25. Qxf5+  Ke8   26. Re2  Rf8   27. Qg4  Bf4   28. Nd1  Bxe3+   29. Rxe3  Qf4   30. Qxf4  Rxf4   31. Rxe7+  Kxe7   32. Ne3  Kf7   33. c3  Kg6   34. Ng4  Kxg5   35. Ne5  Kf5   36. Nf7  Rh5   37. Nd6+  Kf4   38. Nxb7  Rxh3   39. Na5  Rh6   40. Nb3  g5   41. Kd1  g4   42. Ke1  g3   43. Nd2  Rh1+   44. Ke2  Rh2+   45. Ke1  Rxd2   White resigns,  0-1.

My usual disclaimer:  anyone who would like this game in “PGN” or “Descriptive” or whatever is welcome to convert it into such format.
Page updated: Mar 25, 2017.