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Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: 2018 Southern Indiana Open
When: Saturday, February 10, 2018, 8:15 AM until 7:00 PM

Name Type
Richard Arnold Reserve (U1800) - Members
Neel Bhate Reserve (U1800) - Members
Hall Bjornstad Open - Members
LARRY BOSWELL Reserve (U1800) - Members
JOSHUA BOUSUM Open - Members
Ronald Burnett Open - Non-Members
Jay Carr Open - Members
Charissa Chow Reserve (U1800) - Members
Christopher Chow Reserve (U1800) - Members
Jason Cole Reserve (U1800) - Members
Nikhil Datar 2 Open - Members
Vu Duong Reserve (U1800) - Members
Max Egan Open - Members
mohamed elshazly Open - Members
Benjamin Foley Open - Members
Gary Fox Reserve (U1800) - Members
Matthew Grider Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Andrew Grismer Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Jack Heller Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Eric Henry Reserve (U1800) - Members
Mike Herron Open - Members
Drew Hollinberger Open - Members
Jialu Huang Open - Non-Members
Roman Ivanovitch Open - Members
Jeff Jackson Reserve (U1800) - Members
Benjamin Joseph Open - Non-Members
Daric Kindle Reserve (U1800) - Members
Jugander Kumar Reserve (U1800) - Members
Gary Lutes Reserve (U1800) - Members
Gael Medina Reserve (U1800) - Members
JAMES MILLS Open - Members
Archit Mokashi Open - Non-Members
Grant Mu Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Michael Panettieri Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Bernard Parham II Open - Members
Ethan Pau Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
YOAN PEREZ BELLO Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Daniel Phillips Reserve (U1800) - Members
Daymion Phillips Open - Members
BEN PITCHKITES Reserve (U1800) - Members
Scott Pletka Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Brayden Povinelli Reserve (U1800) - Members
John Pritchard Open - Non-Members
Neil Ragsdale Open - Members
Alex Ramirez Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Daniel Rickert Open - Members
Gerald Roberts Open - Members
John Roush Open - Members
Derrick Satterfield Reserve (U1800) - Members
Timothy Sawyer Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Kendrick Shepherd Open - Members
Alexander Smith Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Justin Smith Reserve (U1800) - Members
Ansel Trinidad Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Jonathan Trinidad Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Doug Vaughan Reserve (U1800) - Members
Yuxuan Xun Reserve (U1800) - Members
Mike Zabawa Open - Members
Joseph Zandstra Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members