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Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: 77th Indiana State Championships and Blitz Championships
When: Friday, April 20, 2018 to Sunday, April 22, 2018

Name Type
Richard Arnold Reserve (U1800) - Members
Keith Belton Open - Members
Ben Bentrup Open - Members
JOSHUA BOUSUM Open - Members
Ken Brown Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Michael Carey Open - Non-Members
Jay Carr Open - Members
Christopher Chow Reserve (U1800)- Members (U13)
Vu Duong Reserve (U1800) - Members
Max Egan Open - Members
mohamed elshazly Open - Members
mohamed elshazly Blitz (Members)
John Fallon Blitz (Members)
John Fallon Reserve (U1800) - Members
Eric Fischvogt Open - Non-Members
Gary Fox Reserve (U1800) - Members
Gary Fox Blitz (Members)
Roozbeh Gharakhloo Blitz (Members)
Roozbeh Gharakhloo Open - Members
Eric Henry Reserve (U1800) - Members
John Herr Open - Members
Mike Herron Open - Members
Bruce Hill Reserve (U1800)- Non-Mbr (U13)
Craig Hines Open - Members
Ayden Huang Reserve (U1800)- Members (U13)
Carl Jackson Blitz (Members)
Jeff Jackson Reserve (U1800) - Members
kai jin Open - Non-Members
Randall Julian Open - Members
Aidan Kaczanowski Open - Non-Members
Brian Lewis Reserve (U1800) - Members
Noah Lewis Reserve (U1800) - Members
Timothy Lim Reserve (U1800)- Non-Mbr (U13)
Aaron Lin Open - Members
Greg Marshall Reserve (U1800) - Members
JAMES MILLS Open - Members
JAMES MILLS Blitz (Members)
Albert Moore Open - Members
Grant Mu Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Roger Norris Blitz (Members)
Roger Norris Reserve (U1800) - Members
Bernard Parham II Blitz (Members)
PATRICK PATTERSON Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Mithran Periassamy Reserve (U1800) - Members
Daymion Phillips Open - Members
Aditya Pillai Open - Non-Members
BEN PITCHKITES Reserve (U1800) - Members
Scott Pletka Reserve (U1800) - Members
ANDY PORTER Open - Members
Braydon Povinelli Open - Members
DEEPAK PRATHIPATI Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Raam Narayanan Raghunathan Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Neil Ragsdale Blitz (Members)
Alex Ramirez Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
Gerald Roberts Blitz (Members)
Michael santana Blitz (Non-Members)
Michael santana Open - Non-Members
Derrick Satterfield Blitz (Members)
Derrick Satterfield Reserve (U1800) - Members
Newman Shen Reserve (U1800)- Members (U13)
Steve Sims Reserve (U1800) - Members
Joshua Smith Reserve (U1800) - Non-Members
keith swedo Blitz (Members)
Ted Swogger Reserve (U1800) - Members
Lester VanMeter Open - Members
Doug Vaughan Reserve (U1800) - Members
Donald Winslow Reserve (U1800) - Members
Luke Ye Open - Non-Members (U13)
Mike Zabawa Open - Members
ALEX ZHANG Reserve (U1800)- Members (U13)
Merrick Zheng Open - Non-Members
Rex Zhu Reserve (U1800)- Members (U13)