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Patron Memberships

ISCA has 3 patron membership catagories:


Bronze Members ($25), Silver ($50) and Gold ($100)

Silver Members receive the added membership benefit of entering the State Championship with the advance rates on-site.

Gold Members receive the added benefit of entering all ISCA events with the advance entry rates on-site.

Other Membership Types

Regular adult membership, ages 25/up.  $15

Young Adult membership, ages 24/under.  $10

Junior membership, ages 17/under.  $8

Family membership.  $22

Affiliate (organizations and clubs):  $10

10 and Under:  Free

(Regular, Young Adult, Junior, Family, and Patron memberships allow you to play in ISCA events).


Affiliate membership provides web access and allows a club to bid on an ISCA event.)

NOTE: Membership cards are processed and mailed once a week, on Fridays. If paying by check, allow 2 weeks for processing.