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Patron Memberships

ISCA has four Membership Types:

Patron:  $30  Patron membership shall receive all Regular Membership entitlements.  Patron members shall receive the benefit of paying advance entry rates when registering onsite.  Patron members receive the benefit of being able to advertise up to two (2) items on the ISCA website at a time, which may include lessons, sale or purchase of chess related goods, and tournament announcements.

Regular:  $15  Regular members shall be entitled to receive any official ISCA publications, a membership card, eligibility to participate in ISCA membership meetings, eligible to make, second and vote on motions, eligible to vote in the election of removal of officers, and on amendments to the ISCA bylaws, and enjoy discounts on ISCA tournament entry fees where applicable.

Junior membership (age 11-24); $10  Refer to regular membership.

Youth Membership (age 10/under); $5  Refer to regular membership.

Other Membership Types