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Upcoming Tournaments

Saturday May 23, 2020, at 12pm (CST). Let's Get Busy ONLINE!!
USCF Online Quick Rated Tournament. Time control will be 10 2 (10 minutes with 2 second increment). 4 round Swiss. Entry Fee is only $5, and Cash Prizes will be paid back. $$ To Be Determined Based on Attendance. The games in this tournament will affect only your online quick rating; they will not affect any of your over-the-board ratings. ICC membership will be free for all who wish to participate. YOU MUST BE A USCF MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE. Registration, and entry fee payment in advance is required. Received by 5/21. Mail to: Craig HInes 613 North Park Dr. Evansville, IN 47710. Checks payable to: Craig Hines. For new players to ICC, you will need to register a Handle (online nickname), and get a free membership on ICC. Go to: ICC and click on Signup to register for your 6 month free membership, and THEN, please contact Terry Winchester (tacticaltal on ICC) , or via email.You can leave a message on ICC, telling him who you are, and your handle. You can also phone him at 812-773-7834. You will then be added to our group, and will be able to play. PLEASE do this BEFORE you send your entry fee.

JUNE 27, 2020.
   Northern Indiana Open 

July 24-26 OR July 25-26, 2020. 79th Annual Indiana State Chess Championship

Waterfront Hotel and Conference Ctr, 2930 Waterfront Pkwy W. Dr., Indianapolis, IN.,46214, 317-299-8400. HR: $79, Prize Fund: $2050(b/60) in two sections. OPEN(Over 1699): 5/SS, G/100 +30s. (2Day Opt Rd.1 G/40; d5). Prizes: $300+plaque(IN. Residents only), $230, X $200, A $200, Senior, Female $50 ea. Reserve (U1800): 5/SS, G/80 +30s (2Day Opt Rd.1 G/40; d5) $295+plaque(IN. Residents only), $220, C $195, D/U $195 Senior, Female $50 ea. Rnds: Fri 7, Sat 11, 4, Sun. 10, 4; (2-day Rd1 Sat 9 then MERGE). REG: 3day Fri.6-6:45, 2day Sat.8-8:45, 1/2pt bye available Rd.1-4. EF: $70 by 7/21, $85 onsite, Reentry $30.$5 discount to ISCA membersENTRIES: Go to or mail to Craig Hines, 613 North Park Dr., Evansville, IN 47710 with checks payable to ISCA. ISCA MEMBERSHIP MTG: 7/26 at 2:30pm.

July 25, 2020.   Indiana State Blitz Championship
Waterfront Hotel and Conference Ctr, 2930 Waterfront Pkwy W. Dr., Indianapolis, IN.,46214, 317-299-8400. 5-SS, G/3+2s PF (b/26) $150, Top X-A-B-C-D/U $75ea EF: $25 by 7/21, $35 onsite til 830pm, ISCA members $5 off. Rd1 @9pm, following rounds ASAP. Blitz Champion title to IN. Residents only.